Dr. Wu is the best doctor in the world. He actually cares about each and every one of his patients! I found him through Google when my son was 14 and I was out of town ….he was with his grandma and somehow he hurt his back and could hardly get out of bed. I had his grandma take him to Dr. Wu and within two treatments he was completely well and my son was hooked on Acupuncture for life… he said mom ….it’s like a miracle! Now my son is 20 years old and has been struggling with something called POTS where the adrenal glands don’t work very well, has had extreme fatigue, autoimmune disorder and he has been in the emergency room three times to no avail because we were not in Santa Rosa beach, but in Tulsa Oklahoma with no Dr. Wu. Of course they kept telling us nothing was wrong with him as we saw him go downhill daily.
Our son got so ill that he was in bed 18 hours a day and couldn’t even take sunlight. We finally got back to Santa Rosa Beach to Dr. Wu and within two treatments our son was laughing again. Western medicine does not know about trapped heat in the body, but Dr. Wu knows how to get it out and it changed our son’s life back to happiness again… he is on the road to recovery, feeling energy again and going to Dr. Wu every day for three weeks until he is completely well.
Dr. Wu has fixed everything in our family from knees messed up from tennis injuries, back pain, neck pain, sprained ankles, depression and infertility, and serious viral infections. I would not consider going to anyone else for anything unless it were broken bones or something that required surgery; which usually it doesn’t if you just go to Dr. Wu!! Dr. Wu is the only doctor in my life that I have ever felt close to and that I actually love as a human being and would recommend to any one who actually wants to get well and not just take medicine to mask your symptoms….He goes for the cure …..he is a master of herbs and has soooo much knowledge of how to get your body into harmony. Dr. Wu is the kindest Dr. you’ll ever find! We all consider him a dear friend and we were blessed the day we found him! If anyone in our family ever received a cancer diagnosis we would go straight to Dr. Wu….NOT to poisonous chemo. I know he would know what to do and that feels great —Benicia Woodward