Testimonial from a Cancer Patient

In January of 2010, I was told my cancer (Stage 4 metastatic breast) had returned and was on the right iliac bone between my hip and thigh. It had also attached my liver. My doctor informed me that I may have a week, month, or a year? I could hardly get out of the chair, walk or sleep without extreme pain. I immediately began regular acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wu and taking herbs and his tea for cancer, as prescribed. I am still here and owe it all to Dr. Wu’s devotion to healing, his professionalism and experience. I have abandoned my wheelchair and have little need for my walking  cane these days.
I highly recommend you read his book, If Western Medicine is Not Working For You: Perhaps Traditional Chinese Medicine Is The Answer and heed the wisdom he so freely shares. This book contains invaluable information and it can change your life too.
Gtatefully, Veronica