Asthma cured, ADHD controllable, back surgery delayed. Dr. Wu has a God given talent that he uniquely uses in each technique to heal everyone he touches. Healing Art Acupuncture is a family friendly environment and has helped my family greatly. I was diagnosed with Asthma for 25 years, bronchitis 4 times a year, recently diagnosed with COPD (Pulmonary disease). Until I had acupuncture with Dr. Wu. Two years now, no steroids, no breathing machines and no wheezing. With maintenance treatments and herbal supplements, no more asthma.
My husband had multiple back surgeries and just months away from another one. Treatment have helped him continue working, walking and living life without more fusions. My son has Aspergers Disorder with ADHD and after 3 treatments he has a calmness with his actions. Dr Wu can help with any aliment whether it be physically apparent or not. He knows his reason here was to help as many people as he can. My family holds him in the highest respect and very thankful to Tzong Jiunn Wu.— Jennifer and James Ballard