I’ve been dealing with back and joint pain for more than 20 years. I’ve had 2 surgeries on lower back in the last 3 years. I heard of Dr. Wu a couple years ago from an acquaintance and then my daughter made me try acupuncture last week and I was amazed with what I witnessed. This man is a genuine person that loves helping people. I will support him in helping people however I can. It was the Best experience I have ever had with alternative medicine. Thanks God for Blessings this area with this AMAZING MAN AND HIS FAMILY.


Asthma cured, ADHD controllable, back surgery delayed. Dr. Wu has a God given talent that he uniquely uses in each technique to heal everyone he touches. Healing Art Acupuncture is a family friendly environment and has helped my family greatly. I was diagnosed with Asthma for 25 years, bronchitis 4 times a year, recently diagnosed with COPD (Pulmonary disease). Until I had acupuncture with Dr. Wu. Two years now, no steroids, no breathing machines and no wheezing. With maintenance treatments and herbal supplements, no more asthma. Continue reading »


Dr. Wu is the best doctor in the world. He actually cares about each and every one of his patients! I found him through Google when my son was 14 and I was out of town ….he was with his grandma and somehow he hurt his back and could hardly get out of bed. I had his grandma take him to Dr. Wu and within two treatments he was completely well and my son was hooked on Acupuncture for life… he said mom ….it’s like a miracle! Now my son is 20 years old and has been struggling with something called POTS where the adrenal glands don’t work very well, has had extreme fatigue, autoimmune disorder and he has been in the emergency room three times to no avail because we were not in Santa Rosa beach, but in Tulsa Oklahoma with no Dr. Wu. Of course they kept telling us nothing was wrong with him as we saw him go downhill daily. Continue reading »

Testimonial from a Cancer Patient

In January of 2010, I was told my cancer (Stage 4 metastatic breast) had returned and was on the right iliac bone between my hip and thigh. It had also attached my liver. My doctor informed me that I may have a week, month, or a year? I could hardly get out of the chair, walk or sleep without extreme pain. I immediately began regular acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wu and taking herbs and his tea for cancer, as prescribed. I am still here and owe it all to Dr. Wu’s devotion to healing, his professionalism and experience. I have abandoned my wheelchair and have little need for my walking  cane these days. Continue reading »

Traditional Chinese Medicine Is The Answer

We would recommend “If Western Medicine is Not Working For You: Perhaps Traditional Chinese Medicine Is The Answer” to those who would like to understand more about traditional medicine and give traditional chinese medicine a chance. This book details what Traditional Chinese Medicine is and how it can help to overcome today’s illnesses and conditions. It includes letters of testimony from some of his patients and the successes they have gained. Purchase book online

At Healing Art Acupuncture, we treat your specific health challenges using natural, time-tested techniques that effectively restore balance and strengthen your body’s own healing abilities.