Traditional Chinese Medicine Is The Answer

We would recommend “If Western Medicine is Not Working For You: Perhaps Traditional Chinese Medicine Is The Answer” to those who would like to understand more about traditional medicine and give traditional chinese medicine a chance. This book details what Traditional Chinese Medicine is and how it can help to overcome today’s illnesses and conditions. It includes letters of testimony from some of his patients and the successes they have gained. Purchase book online Continue reading »

Neijing Tu

One of the most famous Daoist image: the Neijing tu (Chart of the Inner Warp), which maps the body as an “inner landscape” with mountains, rivers, paths, forests, and stars.

Neijing Tu, also Nei Jing Tu, is a 19th Century chart which alchemists use to illustrate energetic flows for use in nei dan practices, illustrating principles of nei dan, Chinese astrology, and cosmology. Associated with Xiujing Tu, the chart a read from the bottom up. Neijing Tu describes the inner body, while Xiuzhen Tu describes the external cosmology, including the lunar phases and internal organs as represented by associated animals. Continue reading »

Siberian Chaga Extract

Chinese herbal formulas are developed to address not only the symptoms, but also the root cause, taking the patient’s overall condition into consideration. Herbal formulas are specific to the patient, and two people displaying the same symptoms may receive different herbal prescriptions. As the patient’s condition improves, herbal formulas are adjusted.

The Siberian chaga mushroom is the king of all herbs. It is super concentrated and grows like a tumor on the outside of a tree, extracting all of its nutrients. Additionally, chaga mushrooms reduce stress and fight inflammation, are a calming agent, help alleviate insomnia, boost energy naturally, and have effectively treated my attention deficit disorder. Continue reading »

The Five Elements

In Traditional Chineese Medicine the Five Elements are a very important factor and the concept holds many aspects including spiritual and philosophical. Dr. Wu’s focus is more on the physical aspect and how the Five Elements can help bring balance to your Qi and therefore bring you good health. Continue reading »

Facial Rejuvenation

We offer Facial Rejuvenation, the practice of focusing the treatments on improving skin quality. While it is common for skin tone and color to improve during the course of medical acupuncture treatments, facial rejuvenation focuses on removing wrinkles and blemishes, enhancing skin tone and looking younger. It has recently become more popular in the United States due its effectiveness without the possible side effects of more traumatic rejuvenation techniques.

Today, it is an effective non-surgical yet painless way to lessen the appearance of fine lines as well as deeper wrinkles. According to Chinese medicine, it improves circulation and stimulates the body’s natural anti-aging powers. Continue reading »